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Congressional Help: Basic Search/Home

Basic Search/Home page

Basic Search form / Product Home PAgeBasic Search allows you to search across all available content, including full text.*

If you are interested in searching for a subject or another controlled vocabulary term, choose Find terms to view a list of controlled terms to pick from.


In the bottom section of the page are links to useful starting places. 



*Excluded from this search are hearings transcripts (use the Advanced Search Form and the Anywhere pulldown to search for these).

Building a Search

Building your search query

Enter search terms in the box.  You can enter simple keywords, or use more advanced syntax such as phrase searching (in quotations), using connectors such as AND, OR, etc.  If you enter two or more words without using quotations or a connecting operator, an AND will be assumed (e.g. we'll retrieve documents that contain at both of the terms you've entered).  See Search syntax for more details.

You can also limit your search by publication date.


What content is searched

By default, ProQuest Congressional will look for your terms anywhere, including in the full text of associated documents. 

Note: Hearing transcripts are excluded from Basic Search results but can be linked to from pre-published hearing records or A&I only records for users without access to full text, or searched for from Advanced Search (using the "anywhere" search field).

Find Terms Lookup

Link to Find TermsUnder the search box on the Basic Search form is a link to assist users in finding terms in the database.

Find TermsThe Find Terms box has a number of options included. 

First, use the Select Type box at the top to toggle between Subject Terms and Geographical Terms.

Just under that, users can choose from either terms starting with or containing their search term.

The Browse Categories A to Z list is available for all of the categories shown using the tabs:  Subjects, Issuing Sources, Serial Set Map Terms, and Popular Names.

For the tabs Subjects, and Popular Names, use the boxes to select terms.  When you are complete, use the button Paste to Search in the lower right corner.

If you need to start over, click Clear Selections in the lower left corner.

Find Terms - Congressional Committees pulldown

Find Terms - Serial Set Maps tab pulldown