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Congressional Help: Members and Committees

Members and Committees

Search forms in Members & CommitteesThere are three different search forms listed under Members & Committees.




Member Records:

Retrieve information on a current Member of Congress, including his or her bill sponsorships, voting record, financial disclosure statements, campaign contributors, and general biographical information.


Identify current Members of Congress by specifying various demographic search criteria, such as gender, party affiliation, state represented, alma mater, and more.


Identify and retrieve membership and schedule information for House, Senate, and joint committees.

Members and Committees - Member Records

Members & Committees - Members LookupHow do I use the Member Records form?

To find a specific member, use the "Find Members" link under the Member Box.   

  • Click the letters located at the top of the form to jump to other portions of the list.
  • Click the Senators tab to switch to a list of current Members of the Senate.
  • Click a Representative's name to automatically paste his/her last name into the calling form and set the value for the Chamber field to House.

member lookup help

Members and Committees - Demographics

demographicsUse the Demographics search form to retrieve profile information on Members of Congress by selecting the demographic criteria that best describe them.

Members and Committees - Committees

CommitteesUse the Committees Search form to retrieve a variety of information on a House, Senate, or joint committee, including its membership, schedules, subcommittee names, and hearing topics.

Member Search Results

Your search results for Member searches are organized by Content Type groupings.  Depending on your search criteria, one or more of the following Content Types may be retrieved:

Member Profiles 
Information related to Members of Congress, including Committee assignments, bills sponsored, floor statements, campaign finance and voting record 

Campaign Finance 
FEC Campaign Finance Summaries, including both PAC and Candidate Summaries; FEC Campaign Contributions, including Individual Contributions, PAC Contributions and PAC Reports 

Financial Disclosure Statements 
Annual disclosures detailing earned income, Honoria income, assets, gifts, travel costs, liabilities, transactions and positions with outside organizations; 1991-2010 

Congressional Record 
Debates and remarks given on the floor of the House and Senate 

Committee Schedule 
Schedules for Committee Meetings 

Committee Roster 
Lists of Members for a committee and its sub-committees