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Congressional Help: Executive Branch


Please note: the content viewed in ProQuest® Congressional varies according to the subscriptions/purchases of individual institutions.

About Executive Branch Documents  

ProQuest Executive Branch Documents contains documents produced by Federal government departments, agencies, and commissions, spanning the years from our nation's founding through the early decades of the 20th century. These documents touch upon all aspects of U.S. social, political, and economic life, as well as major events in U.S. history, and provide points of comparison between the U.S, and selected foreign countries.

Note: if the item was published as part of the Serial Set, it will not be included in the Executive Branch Documents Collection. 

Accessing Executive Branch Documents  

Use the Basic Search Form, Advanced Search Form, or Search By Number Form

These forms are found under the Legislative & Executive Publications links in the menu bar across the top of the interface.




From the Advanced Search Form, the following fields may be used:

Anywhere except full text Searches all search segments noted below, with the exception of full text.
Anywhere Searches all bibliographic information and the full text of the publication.
Non-Congressional Source (Agency) Searches for the agency that published the document. A complete list of the agencies can be found by using the Find Terms links.
Subject Controlled vocabulary subject indexing. To see a complete listing of the vocabulary, click the Find Terms links.
Title Searches title on the publication.

From the Search by Number pages, the following search options may be used:

  • SuDoc number
  • Accession Number

Collections that include Executive Branch Documents  

The content type Executive Branch Documents are from the Executive Branch Documents Collection.  To learn more about this collection, click on the link below.

Note, there are links and notes in documents included in the Executive Branch Documents Collection that tell the user that other items in that series are included in the Executive Branch Documents collection, but the collections themselves have very little overlap.  If the item was published as part of the Serial Set, it will not be included in the Executive Branch Documents Collection.