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Congressional Help: Document View

Viewing a document

When you open an item in your search results, you can see its indexing and metadata, including information needed to cite the document, its origin (agency, author, etc.), and subjects or other information describing the item.

If a PDF is available, you can access the PDF using the teal Download PDF button in the right-hand corner, or the link in the PDF-Full Text section of the page.


document metadata showing download options

When you open a PDF it will open full size using your computer's PDF settings.   Some documents may have a choice of PDFs to open: one consisting of the complete item, several consisting of 50 page sections of the item, and/or a digitally signed version.

image of PDF document

Some items, such as Congressional Record Daily Edition provide full text directly in the page.


in-page text

Viewing related items/ link to additional information

Links to relevant citations

Where possible, links are provided from ProQuest Congressional documents to other relevant citations.

For instance, a House Report may provide links to a relevant Bill .

links to additional documents


Links to related news

If you subscribe to other ProQuest newspaper products, you will see links to relevant newspaper articles for many of your ProQuest Congressional items.  The links will appear in the right-hand panel.


related news