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Congressional Help: Congressional Record Daily Edition 1985-Present


Please note: the content viewed in ProQuest® Congressional varies according to the subscriptions/purchases of individual institutions.

About the Congressional Record Daily Edition  

The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings, debates, and activities of Congress. Although the Record contains a substantially verbatim account of the proceedings and debate, it also contains extensive inserted materials, communications from the President and executive agencies, memorials, and petitions.

The Congressional Record Daily Edition, included in ProQuest Congressional since 1985, has 4 different sections, one each for the House, Senate, Extension of Remarks, and Daily Digest.  Pages in each of these section are preceded by H, S, E, and D (respectively).  Search results indicate which part of the daily Record the result comes from in the filters on the left.

The Congressional Record Daily Edition (1985-current) is a part of the Congressional Basic subscription.

Daily and Bound Editions: There are two editions of the Record, a daily one and a bound, permanent one. The daily edition reports each day’s proceedings in Congress and is published on the succeeding day. At the end of each session of Congress, all of the daily editions are collected, re-paginated, and re-indexed into a permanent, bound edition.

Accessing the Congressional Record Daily Edition  

Use the Basic Search Form, Advanced Search Form, or Search By Number Form

These forms are found under the Congressional or the Legislative & Executive Publications links in the menu bar across the top of the interface.



The Advanced Search form allows you to search on specific segments of a document. The search segments below apply to the Congressional Record Daily Edition.

Anywhere except full text Contains all bibliographical search segments noted on this page, but excludes the full text body of the publication.
Anywhere (including full text) Contains all bibliographical information and the full text body of the Congressional Record organized by day.
Member of Congress Allows user to search on member combined with the topic of the speech.

From the Search by Number pages, the following search options may be used:

  • Bill number
  • Public Law number
  • Statute at Large citation
  • Congressional Record Daily Citations page

Collections containing the Congressional Record Daily Edition  

The Congressional Record Daily Edition (1985-current) is a part of the Congressional Basic subscription.