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Congressional Help: Results

Search Results

Search results are grouped by content type to allow quick perusal and help you focus in on the types of results you're interested in.

Content Type groups

Each content type group will display up to 3 results initially, and you can view more by clicking on the "View all" button underneath the content type group, or by clicking on the Content Type filter in the left-hand panel.

content types as shown in the search results


Alternate views

If you prefer to view all results intermingled, regardless of Content Type, click the "View all results" link towards the top of the page.

view all results



Documents are initially sorted by relevance within each content type group (and also in the intermingled view).  You can also choose to sort by date, either most recent first or oldest first.  

alternative ways of sorting results

Refining your search

Narrow your search/ Filter Results

You can narrow your search results by applying a results filter from the choices found in the left-hand panel.  For instance, you can apply a Subject term to look for matching items.

results filters on left side of search results


Modify your search

When you are viewing results, you can adjust your search, or run a new search using options at the top of the page


Run a new search

Use the search box at the top of the page to run a brand new search.  This will not consider any terms you'd previously entered.  You can limit your new search by date if desired.

run a new search


Search within results

Use the search box at the top of the page to search within your current result set.  Check the "search within results" checkbox to indicate that you want to retain your previous search query.  Any new terms you entered will be ANDed to your previous search terms as the search runs.


search within results


Modify your previous search

Click the Modify search link to return to the search form you conducted your original search in (Basic, Advanced, etc.) , to further refine your query.

modify your search

Selected Items

You can select documents you're interested in printing or emailing by checking the boxes next to each, or to mark the documents on the page you're currently viewing, clicking the "Select all" link. 

The Selected Items link above your results will indicate how many items you have selected.  Click on the link, or click on the Selected Items link from the Folder icon in the main navigation bar, to view your list of items.

link to selected items under search results number


selected items link in upper right corner

Note that Selected Items list persists for your session; you can select items from different search queries and have them appear in a single list, or you can clear your selected items in between searches.

Recent Searches

When you run a search in ProQuest Congressional, your search query is stored in Recent Searches, so you can easily rerun the search or modify it.

You can access Recent Searches from the Folder icon in the main navigation panel.

recent searches or search history