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Congressional Help: Content Types

Content Types

Documents in ProQuest Congressional are categorized by Content Types.  These broad Content Type groupings can be used to limit your search to only return documents in that category.  Content Types are also available on search results pages to further filter your search, and to organize your results.

Content Types listed on the Advanced Search Form and Results for Searches Launched from the Basic, Advanced, and Search by Number Forms

Content Types on the Members & Committees Pages

  • Member Profiles
  • Campaign Finance
  • Financial Disclosure Statements
  • Congressional Record
  • Committee Schedule
  • Committee Roster

Content Types on Regulations pages

  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • Federal Register

Content types on News and Social Media pages

  • News
  • Social Media

Content types and their associated Document Types

Content Types are broad groupings used to organize documents.  You may also want to drill into your results further, to more specific groupings.  Document Types are provided on search results and document view to categorize and access your documents in a detailed, granular way.

See below for information on which Document Types are available from each Content Type group.


Topic Pages

Topic Pages are created by our editorial team, and provide an overview and contextual information about that topic.  You can view relevant background reports, hearings representing viewpoints on that topic, news articles, bills, laws, and more.  A description of featured events and relevant source documents are also provided.



Hearings include written and oral statements of witnesses, transcripts, reports, exhibits, correspondence and other materials.

Document Types:


Hearings Published

Hearings Unpublished

Hearings Pre-Published

Hearing Transcripts


CRS Reports

Reports from the Congressional Research Service provide nonpartisan research and analysis on public policy issues and news events​.


House and Senate Documents / Reports

Reports on legislation and documents included for Congress​.  Includes documents and reports from the Congressional Serial Set​.

Document Types:

House and Senate Reports

Reports on Private Bill 

Reports on Public Bill 

Other Reports

House and Senate Documents

Treaty and Nomination Reports and Documents

Court of Claim Reports


Legislative Histories

Legislative Histories compile the publications created during the development of a public law from early consideration to enactment​.


Bills and Laws

Bills and Laws include legislative proposals and enacted legislation​.

Document Types:


Bill Text 

Bill Amendment

Bill Profile

               Statutes at Large

                              Public Laws

                              Private Laws

                              Presidential proclamations

                              Public resolutions

                              Concurrent resolutions


                              Private resolutions

                              Executive Agreements

                              Reorganization Plans

                              Constitutional Amendments


                              Laws Affected


                              Recommendations of the President

                              Articles of Confederation


                              Declaration of Independence

               Public Law


Miscellaneous Publications

Includes publications from Congressional Committees, GAO, CBO, and more, as well as American State Papers and House and Senate Journals.

Document Types:

American State Papers

CBO Reports

Committee Prints and Other Publications

Democratic Policy Committee Reports

GAO Reports

House and Senate Journals

Office of Technology Assessment Reports

Other House and Senate Publications

Republican Policy Committee Reports

Special Commission Reports

Vote Reports

View vote reports with details by member, party and sponsor​.



Includes maps from the Congressional Serial Set​.


Congressional Record

Provides a record of rebates and remarks given on the floor of the House and Senate.

Document Types

Congressional Record Daily Edition



               Extension of Remarks

               Daily Digest

Congressional Record Bound Edition

Congressional Record

Congressional Globe

Annals of Congress

Register of Debates


Executive Branch

Includes material issued by federal departments and agencies, including annual reports, general publications, serials, instructions, rules, circulars, decisions, and registers​.


Presidential Materials

Includes Executive Orders and other Presidential publications​.

Document Types:

Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations

Signed by the President

Unnumbered Executive Orders, Directives, and Proclamations

Presidential pardons

Not signed by the President

Numbered Executive Orders

Numbered Presidential Proclamations

Military orders and pardons

Presidential Signing Statements

Administrative Policy Statements

National Security Directives

Nominations and Appointments

Homeland Security Directives

Please note: the content viewed in ProQuest® Congressional varies according to the subscriptions/purchases of individual institutions.